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And Not A Single Flag Was Given

Hey there! I know that the local media outlets are really trying hard to convince us of your existence. You’re here in some shape or form, they say. There aren’t as many artifacts or gatherings to honour your appearance ‘as usual’, but people are getting excited nevertheless, they claim. People are ready to fall for you, they note.

I’ve been following what you’re supposed to be since 1986. After biking through Berlin today and having not seen a single flag, jersey, or TV viewing announcement in pubs, I’m going to go out on a limb and state:

You, Sir, are no soccer world cup hype.

(P.S.: Quarterly blog post quota fulfilled! You may remain excited.)


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Breaking World Cup News


Mankind has finally reached its peak now that BILD is covering people being angry at an octopus for predicting an undesirable outcome of a soccer match.

Dear angry people,

There are two options: 1) That squid isn’t psychic. Why would you care about its predictions then? You might as well yell at a sock or something. 2) That squid is psychic. Let me repeat: PSYCHIC SQUID. Rest assured that there are bigger things you should be worried about than your favourite team losing.

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