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We won a thing. Or two.

Well, whaddayaknow! I usually don’t write a lot about work here. Yes, I don’t write a lot here to begin with. Duh. Anyway.

I’ve been part of Experimental Game GmbH for a while now, a Berlin start-up that is developing a full production environment for games and other interactive media formats. At this point, we’re using it internally for our in-house projects, but we’ll make it available to third-parties from next year on. It’s called Gamebook Technology, and it’s actually pretty neat. You don’t have to believe me though – others think it’s neat, too!

A few months ago we already got the 2nd place of the ICT cluster in the IQ Innovation Award Central Germany. We’re were quite happy about that, but in late November it got even better: Gamebook Technology received the Innovation Award BB 2015 Award, an honor only awarded to three companies/innovations – out of 100. And as of this week brought even more acclaim as our technology got picked for the Creative Technology Award. All in all not too shabby, I guess. :)

Here’s a small peek into what it is we’re doing – it’s in German, but you can turn on English subtitles.

And here’s a bunch of photos I took on the evening of the Innovation Award BB 2015 ceremony:
Innovation Award BB 2015

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