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gamescom 2016 Photo Impressions

Ah yes, the annual trip to Cologne. And once I kicked off gamescom week by attending the Respawn conference to deliver a talk – this time on characteristics of modern work structure, task design, and why autonomy and self-regulation are a thing. And it went well. Or so I’m hearing.

When I wasn’t busy doing work for Experimental Game, I spent some time at the Indie Arena Booth. Its fourth instalment has grown to an amaaaazing 620m² of showfloor space with 60 (!) indie devs presenting their projects to the public. Prior the show I had supported the organizers by working on press releases and also editing the Indie Arena Booklet again. And surely enough it–and I’m like, totally unbiased here–was the most interesting booth on what otherwise was a bit of an underwhelming gamescom due to lack of big announcements and premieres this year.

I also visited the IGJam 2016 regularly over the course of three days at which 170+ devs had gathered to develop games within 48 hours. Lots of photo output.

Indie Arena Booth 2016 (1/2)

Indie Arena Booth 2016 (2/2)

IGJam @ gamescom 2016

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