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The Post-Cologne Photo Avalanche

Well, that whole Cologne endeavour was quite a bit of work – let’s not even talk about follow-up communication and all the photo work that had to be done in the week after that. Yeah, that and … the ‘normal’ job, of course. Either way, if you’re curious about where and what kind of snapshots I took, you’ll find all the answers right here.

Not impressed, eh?

Lorenzo and Sjors asked me to cover JOIN again. It’s an event completely dedicated to local multiplayer gaming and premiered last year in the Supermarkt. The Game Science Center rose up to become the host for JOIN 2015.

Since it took place right on the weekend prior my trip to Cologne, I didn’t get around to sorting out and working on photos until after my return. If you want to see what people and events I captured in Cologne – read on after the break!
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Quick Note

Last weekend, I finally returned to Berlin. As I stepped off the train, two angels descended from Heaven to praise my arrival. Well, it wasn’t exactly like that, but I swear it was close. Had no time to relax yet due to work and whatnot, but that doesn’t completely keep me from updating the mighty intarwebs, and dropping some notes. I was dining with a few friends in Cologne when the following conversation occurred:

  • Mr. S.: So, those medieval festivals were quite fun.
  • Mr. U.: Didn’t whatshername also participate in those?
  • Mr. S.: Who? Tina?
  • Mr. U.: No, no. The red-haired one…
  • Mr. S.: Hm?
  • Mr. U.: The one I had a brief relationship with, dude.

And that’s exactly how it went. Looks like we got a clear case of…




Of Weasels and Ninjas

People keep telling me that they were able to log into the wireless network at the GDC Europe. Right. I suspect soon they’ll also be presenting photos of Bigfoot.

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Oh the puns, will they ever end?!


Halfway there, so to speak. Not physically, but mentally. And as I’m planning my little trip to the Rhine next week, I figured I might as well quickly put up another post. Because having the weasel picture right beneath, well, the weasel picture looked downright stupid.

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