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A Maze Berlin 2016 Approaching

A Maze Berlin 2015 Snapshot

Only a few days to go until A Maze Berlin 2016 kicks off. I’ll skip the generic part in which I say that I’m ridiculously looking forward to the whole event and to seeing familiar as well as new faces. You know, the part that looks like the previous sentence. Oh. I get it.

By all accounts, this year’s number of attendees will be bigger than last year’s – and that one was already pretty bloody big. I’ll be around doing what I can do best: bask in the sunlight of the cool and talented maniacs whilst trying to do my ninja thing. Which has become more challenging over the years due to the incognito approach sort of being compromised by knowing people. I did my best by never introducing myself by name, but Facebook these days… :P

That said, if you’re at the event and think it would be handy to have a photo of yourself, your team, something you’re exhibiting that might end up looking just slightly better than a photo taken with a 2000-era cellphone at a moonless night – I can do that! So, feel free to approach me if you spot me. If you can spot me… dundundundunnnn.

P.S.: Last year’s photo output can be seen here. Mind you, there are plenty of portrait shots that never got published.

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The A Maze Berlin 2014 Aftermath Post

So yeah, that thing happened again. And it was absolutely grand as I got to listen to many presentations covering a diverse range of topics, ran into many familiar faces and got to know new interesting people.  It’s hard to believe that it’s only the third event given how quickly it has grown, and there’s pretty much no way the A Maze Berlin (technically: “A MAZE. / Berlin” … yeah…) is not going to grow further next year due to the momentum.

For the first time the festival was split across two locations: All presentations and workshops were done in the WYE, whereas the exhibition now received the full space at last year’s location, the Urban Spree. I’d say it would be nicer if the two places were a bit closer to each other, making it more convenient to spontaneously switch if needed. Still, after last year’s conference it was pretty much inevitable and the exhibition did benefit a great deal from becoming a separate entity. According to the A Maze team 3800 people (conference attendees included) stopped by over the course of 2.5 days.

Zee Germans among you can read my write-up at the usual place. I also took tons of photos, trying to capture talks, the general atmosphere and the sense of wonder, joy and surprise people expressed at the exhibition.

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A Mazing News. I guess.

Oh hello there! Yes, this thing is actually in some way–dundundunnnnn–ALIVE. Just wait for the shock to settle before you read on.

I signed up to be a part of the Indie Arena line-up at the upcoming A Maze Berlin next month and will deliver a micro-talk on how (not) to do press releases. Or so I’m thinking. Surely, you don’t want to miss out as it could very well be the most grandiose 5-minute piece you’ll ever see*. To quote the synopsis:

BERLIN – April 10, 2014 – “In an innovative and revolutionary presentation one of the leading journalists in the industry will push the envelope by talking about press releases”, said one of the leading journalists in the industry.

Well, they asked me to provide a link to my personal website for their speaker overview. Turns out this is the only one I have! And since completely strange and weird people might accidentally follow said link, I thought it might be a bit embarrassing to not have any sort of recent content. Yes, I’m talking about you right there.

If you can make it to Berlin in mid-April and are somehow in the business of being creative, I highly recommend attending the A Maze Berlin. It’s been an absolute delight in the past years and you’ll run into an abundance of fascinating, inspiring, open, and curious people. Well, and me. I embedded some photos I took last year for your viewing pleasure.

*Assuming you’ll only ever see one 5-minute presentation in your life.


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