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Coated Peanuts

  1. I do wonder if it’s physically, psychologically, emotionally, and biologically possible to open a bag of  coated peanuts, and, you know, just eat two or three of them.
  2. Will be heading over to my buddies at Lichtblick 4D later today, who will be showing a bunch of fascinating products. Or so I hear. (Why, yes, I hope/expect/guess/assume/pray that they’ll have free drinks and snacks.)
  3. Regarding 1.: Nope, not today.
  4. Steffen, Ian & Co. finally submitted Airborn to the Make Something Unreal Contest. There’s a bunch of new purrrrrty screenshots up at their website. Not to mention the trailer.
  5. I’m currently toying around with Gratuitous Space Battles. It’s quite enjoyable so far, and, most importantly, fulfills the one basic requirement of, well, … anything: Have stuff explode spectacularly. Seriously.
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