Even Quicker Note

If you do a Google search for “dippy weasel”, dippy-weasel.com will be the top result. That’s a spectacular — dare I say gigantic? — first step towards world domination! Where are you doubters now? Huh? HUH?!

On a different note, I did write down my thoughts on some of the software I saw last week for my dear friends over at GWJ. Small excerpt from the piece on Uncharted 2:

The firefights are pretty intense; I probably would have enjoyed them more if it wasn’t for my awesome skill of being able to miss even a huge dinosaur when having to aim at something with a gamepad. (Yes, guilty of playing most shooters on PC. And no, there are no dinosaurs in Uncharted 2.)

Haha! I am hilarious. Ahem.

Props to Erik for digging and editting his way through the 6000-word monster this article turned out to be. I had no intention for it to be that long, but sometimes content just keeps exploding as you’re trying to pin it down. It’s not as funny as it sounds when it happens late at night, with you having committed to a deadline.

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