Of Weasels and Ninjas

People keep telling me that they were able to log into the wireless network at the GDC Europe. Right. I suspect soon they’ll also be presenting photos of Bigfoot.

Thankfully, Malte K. saved my ass by providing some UMTS thingy, enabling me to actually get some work done. On Tuesday I attended CCP’s GDC keynote. There hadn’t been any announcements at the conference up to that point, but the studio delivered as promised. Them working on an FPS-style EVE sping-off alone probably wouldn’t have been huge news and also already had been hinted at through the rumour mill. However, hardly anyone would have expected them to actually hook it up to EVE itself. That plan sounds as impressive as it seems ambitious.

Side note: In Iceland, people are referring to the recession — which basically bankrupted their country – as the “kreppa”. Perfect.

You may or may no agree with the points David Cage (Quantic Dream) brought up in his plea for more mature gaming experiences, but his presentation did undoubtedly met keynote criteria by either directly inspiring  people or making them discuss the merits of or flaws in his argumentation. Most games, according to him, mostly trigger/appeal to what Cage calls ‘primal emotions’, e.g. aggressivity, fear or excitement, rather than alos considering ‘social emotions’ such as empathy, happiness, sadness, shame and the like. He, however, does perceive a change in the themes as both, the audience and the people creating games, get older. (75 percent of people consuming games being older than 18, the average age being 35 years.)
He then provided a few suggestions ranging from the notion to ignore everybody, especially the marketing guys — huge applause from the audience right there –, to pointing out the need to establish ways to combine narritive and action rather than having them mostly run sequentially.

Peter Molyneux considers the freedom of choice a central part of the evolution of the experience, but also outlines a connection to the emotional layer as the perception of control does increase the engagement/attachment. Speaking of which: Fable III will be “all about power”. Instead of being the 47682329th person to remind everyone that Molyneux has overpromised here and there, I’ll just say that he surely knows how to hold an entertaining presentation.

Molyneux Live Tweet
Molyneux Tweet

(See here.)

Obviously, I could not include every single aspect of those presentation – if you know some German, you can find somewhat more extensive summaries here, here, here, here, and here. Whoopdeedoo.

Now that GDC Europe is done it’s all about trying to get some appointments arranged to check out stuff. Stuff! A few impressions hopefully will be available soon over at GWJ.

P.S.: That’s what you get when you create a “weasel” in Scribblenauts. (Sorry for the crappy screenshot.)

Scribblenauts Weasel

P.P.S.: No screenshot available, but, obviously, I also tried out “ninja”, and it worked.

P.P.P.S..: I then threw the weasel at the ninja, which resulted in him (the ninja) picking it up and carrying it around. Really.

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