Wireless networks (not) found

GDC Europe in Cologne – so new, and yet familiar.

Probably because the wireless network here just sucks as much as the one we used to have at the GC/GCDC. Ok, that was an understatement – the one Leipzig had was as stable as jello, but you could actually occasionally use it. You’d think with conference tickets going for €560 and upwards, there’d be a few bucks left for an access point here and a router there. Well, thanks for nothing so far, NetCologne. (Credit where credit is due.)

Another piece to remind me of GCDC was Cevat Yerli’s CryEngine 3.0 sales pitch in disguise – because he already had held the same bloody keynote a year ago in Leipzig. Yay for sponsorship and participation in the GDCE’s advisory board, I guess. To be fair: The frequent ‘Wireless networks found’ pop-up was not part of last year’s presentation.

Wireless networks

Props to BioWare’s Dorian Kieken for his session on the concept of living plans. He made it to embed Scrum et al in the larger picture of organisational culture. At some point I also even almost expected him to dive into the STS approach.

Aaaaand onward to day 2.


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