Oh the puns, will they ever end?!


Halfway there, so to speak. Not physically, but mentally. And as I’m planning my little trip to the Rhine next week, I figured I might as well quickly put up another post. Because having the weasel picture right beneath, well, the weasel picture looked downright stupid.

I’ll attend both, the GDC Europe as well as gamescom. It’ll be quite the exhausting week, but I’m also looking forward to seeing some good old friends and former colleagues again; and meeting new people won’t hurt either. Or so they say.

It’ll be the premiere of the quasi-successor to the Games Convention. With 420 exhibitors, it’s pretty much destined to attract loads of visitors, but I’ll miss Leipzig nevertheless after having been there in the past eight years. After such a long time it almost had a home-like feel to it. You knew the shortest path from one point to another without having to look it up on a map. You knew the right places to chill out if you needed a break. And, obviously, you knew where all the good non-public toilets were. (Do they even have toilets in Cologne?)

I’m as well prepared as always — aka ‘still in the process of setting up my schedule’ –, thus looking forward to the ensuing chaos.

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