There and Back Again

Alas it is time to celebrate almost eight weeks of ‘no updates’! Which would be rather sad if it wasn’t for this website to have zero readers at this point. Or, well, any point in the future. Duh.

The logo is still in the making, so everything is pretty much far from final right now. Of course, it won’t be closer to final even after The Weasel arrives – that’s just how it is when life keeps you busy.


Not too long ago I happened to attend the End User Event 2009 in Utrecht, and surely, it was a welcome change compared to other conferences or similar events. The EUE is being organized and hosted by the community, and it shows. It’s not about making some quick money, it’s about creating something that’s actually useful and brings people together in an familial atmosphere. Did they have sponsors? They did. You, however, wouldn’t be able to tell because of the lack of banners or other marketing efforts that would be typical for such an environment. And thus I tip my hat to the and all the other people involved in the organization of the the EUE for their hospitality.

Utrecht Hotel Florin (EUE 2009)

Now why would a buffoon like me actually be travelling to what one might consider a hardcore event for 3D artists? Details to follow (hopefully) soon.


(Photos courtesy of Alex H. Thanks!)

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