November Musings


Well, well, well. Let’s imagine that I, for some weird reason, got to travel 15 years back in time to have a chat with one of the chaps I’ve studied with. I could picture the following conversation.


Me: “In November 2016 Microsoft will become a Platinum Member of the the Linux Foundation!”

Person: “Dude, Ballmer just recently called Linux a cancer. That’s gotta be one of the most mindboggling developments of the decade, eh?”

Me: “Well… it’s actually not even the most mindboggling thing of that year…”

Person: “Wait…”

Me: “… or that month.”

Person: ” … what.”

Me: “I’ll give you a headline to chew on: ‘China Tells Trump That Climate Change Is No Hoax It Invented’.”

Person: “Aw man. I’m a bit bummed that we’ll still be debating mankind’s contribution to climate change in 2016, however,…”

Me: “But, but, but…”

Person: “… I’m not really as shocked as you thought I would be.”

Me: “But, but, but…”

Person: “Pretty weird though that the People’s Republic of China will feel compelled to make a statement to some celebrity!”

Me: “Yeah, about that…”

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