Hyphen Alert: A Post-A-Maze-Berlin-2016 Note

A Maze Berlin 2016 - Day 3

A quick summary to have all the linkage in one handy place. Shall we? In case you missed them earlier, here are the galleries with an abundance of photos I made during A Maze Berlin 2016. There are two versions available: the Facebook albums with comments and tags–feel free to contribute!–and the Flickr albums with a notably higher image quality. Facebook’s image compression especially hurts photos made under low-light conditions.

More importantly (to me): Thanks a lot for all the comments, messages, retweets, <3, and whatnot. I may not always respond, but the feedback is very much appreciated. In turn, I’m tipping my hat to everyone who made all this--both the photos and the event itself--such a great experience. You know a good thing has come to an end when you feel exhausted and charged up at the same time. Old acquaintances aside, I had a great time chatting with other chaps, some of which I had photographed in the past years but, well, never really interacted with. That said, there wasn’t enough time to get in touch with everyone I wanted to. Hey, there’s always other events and next year, no? Small print after the break.

Quick FAQ for those concerned:

Q: Are you a profeshunal photographer?
A: Lord no!

Q: Heard you also took photos at A Maze Berlin in the past years.
A: I did, I did. See also the 2015 note.

Q: About that one photo that I–the poor indie developer/artist–really like and would like to feature on my website…
A: Well, just get in touch with me!

Q: Are there more photos of [insert specific exhibit/person/thing/phenomenon]?
A: Maybe? I’d have to check!

Q: Can I use that as a profile photo?

A: You’re certainly not the first one, and yes, go ahead.

Q: Photo credits are a great and valid thing, no?

A: They are, my friend, they are. High five!

Q: Can I use a photo commercially without your permission?
A: I’ll have my imaginary legion of expert ninja lawyers ready an answer! And by that I mean that they’re expert ninjas and expert lawyers, but they might also be experts at representing ninja interests and experts at ninja law.

Q: Good grief, this level of humor. I’m gonna regret sending you a friend request earlier last week, no?
A: Most certainly.

Q: Is this FAQ over?
A: Almost.

Q: What’s missing?

A: Just this. :)

*mic drop*

A Maze Berlin 2016 - Opening Day

A Maze Berlin 2016 - Day 2

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