The Post-Cologne Photo Avalanche

Well, that whole Cologne endeavour was quite a bit of work – let’s not even talk about follow-up communication and all the photo work that had to be done in the week after that. Yeah, that and … the ‘normal’ job, of course. Either way, if you’re curious about where and what kind of snapshots I took, you’ll find all the answers right here.

Not impressed, eh?

Lorenzo and Sjors asked me to cover JOIN again. It’s an event completely dedicated to local multiplayer gaming and premiered last year in the Supermarkt. The Game Science Center rose up to become the host for JOIN 2015.

Since it took place right on the weekend prior my trip to Cologne, I didn’t get around to sorting out and working on photos until after my return. If you want to see what people and events I captured in Cologne – read on after the break!

Respawn is a developer conference that takes at the same time as GDC Europe and has grown quite a bit since its debut two years ago. After giving a presentation on plot organization together with Nico at Respawn 2014, I had submitted a talk on information pathologies in organization for this year’s Respawn which–well, whaddayaknow–also got accepted. The presentation went rather smoothly. More importantly, I had the pleasure of meeting some fellow indie chaps again and also getting to know some new ones. The albums include photos of presentations delivered by Thomas Bedenk, Philomena Schwab and Studio Fizbin, snapshots of Major Bueno and other fellas.

Then there was the fabulous Indie Arena Assembly, the third meeting of this kind in Cologne. No further explanation required, I guess.

Last but not least: the Indie Arena Booth knocked it out of the park this year and grew big time. Like, 500m² big. That’s quite an achievement for something that began with as a small booth with slots for 12 games.

(Btw., people keep asking, so here’s the deal: if you like the photos, plan to run a similar event and need a photographer who thinks he’s up for the task, get in touch! Because, well, I think I might be up for the task. Go figure.)

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