Cake With A Weasel On Top

My little cuddly blog here isn’t what one might define as traffic monster, unsurprisingly enough. Not that I want it to be one to begin with — my provider bill is just fine as it is, thank you –, but the lack of content isn’t helping, I guess. I had Nielsen Media do some research for me to find out more about my target audience.* They then polled 9853 people and, among other things, asked them about how interested they are in the content I’m delivering here.

Weasel Stats 1

We then did some statistical cleanup, cross-referenced the data, and re-evaluated the information.

Weasel Stats 2

Still, a multivariate analysis of variance was necessary to shed a light onto the actual situation. After carefully recalculating the original data and even taking into consideration the gender factor, a trend could be established:

Weasel Stats 3

Afterwards, the participants were free to voice their opinion. Which boiled down to:

Weasel Stats 4

There also apparently were a few unlucky souls who stumbled across this place while looking for some information via search engines, based on my web stats. The search terms include:

  • paraworld — For obvious reasons. In case you’re wondering, yes, there’s supposed to be a second part to that one article some day.
  • paraworld 2 — Hate to be the messenger: That’s as likely to happen as a peace treaty between ninjas and pirates. (Feel free to to insert your own snowball in hell analogy.)
  • ninja monkey- — You came to the right place, sir! Sort of.
  • public toilets in cologne — I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a rather urgent search query.
  • i%27m wea- — Ah yes. The classic i%27m wea- search.
  • cake with a weasel on top — Dear person, who was searching for this: You are my hero. If it’s any comfort to you, I actually used an intro slide for my MD.H presentation this year that at least included both, a weasel and a cake.

Intro Slide

That’s still relatively tame stuff. For a far more extensive analysis of search terms, I recommend checking out the GWJ pieces Sean did here, here, here,  and here.

Naturally, there’s some optimization to be done. And I’m working on that right now. Step 1: Choosing Cake With A Weasel On Top as headline for this article should propel this very blog to one of the top search engine result positions whenever there’s another person in need of a cake with a weasel on top. It’s that simple!

(* Not really.)

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