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Hey. HEY! Look at me!

My plan to post one article per quarter has turned out to be an utter and total success! I may have never talked about it before, but trust me: It’s always been in motion.

Other than doing the usual work–something’s got to pay the rent, eh?–,I’ve been consuming lots of articles and papers on knowledge elicitation and transformation. Or rather: The circumstances that keep them from happening properly. Needs to be done for that one eternal project of mine, but chances are I’ll also incorporate some of the topics into my lecture material at some point. Until then, I choose to remain vague. Minds may or may not be blown.

I noticed that I’m getting some visitors from Sascha’s blog, who apparently follow the link to the What’s Wrong With Your Face? piece through his feed view. I assume that 95.6 percent of them are 2D/3D artists hoping to stumble across some words of advice on how to draw or model faces. Haha, suckers!