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AFD Makes Me Want to Go AFK

I pity March 31 and April 2 — if the calendar was a restaurant, they basically would be the two persons sitting next to the toilet.

I’m already groaning in anticipation of the crap that passes as April Fools’ Day joke these days. Especially German companies seem to have a habit of pooping out press releases and articles I’d love to ignore if they didn’t offend so much due to being horribly unimaginative. Hey, random developer, your next Horse Beauty Farm game is going to ship with an actual pony? And hello there, little gaming website that just acquired Electronic Arts!

The best part: Some of them actually send out emails or post updates to set the record straight on the next day. Hoping to reach that one two-year-old that did not instantly figure out the ‘prank’ and has yet to start loathing mankind.

Here’s the deal: Not everyone can be Blizzard when it comes to AFD content. If you don’t have any resources to spend, if you have authors that need to look up funny in the dictionary, or of you think it can be done without any effort at all, don’t bother creating jokes just for the sake of it. You’re not obliged. Regardless of how much your PR company bugs you because the 299 bucks they want to unleash some lazy press release will totally “increase your visibility!” (Rest assured: The uninspired and generic pieces they tend to come up with usually won’t!)

It’s not like one has to have 10+ people working on it for weeks. (Obligatory Schadenfreude Interactive link.) However, if it took you five minutes to come up with the prank idea or even its final form, you either got a shitty concept or some of the most creative and productive staffers ever. Gee, I wonder what the chances are.

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… I didn’t sign up for that ’52 blog posts per year’ project. That would have been rather awkward. I guess.

Anyway, here’s a link to a ninja kitten, just so no one can claim that there’s no purpose to this post.

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