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animago Pimpage Post


The animago, the most prestigious award in the German digital content creation (DCC) scene, is coming to Babelsberg this year. Which — in case you’re not too familiar with the region — happens to be near Berlin. And it’s going to get the official Weasel Seal of Approval (not trademarked yet, I guess).

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Atlas Shrugged

Yesterday, a fellow Goodjer mentioned that he just lost his dad who had suffered a severe heart attack. His father was an avid gamer, and together they enjoyed quite the amount of entertainment software it seems.

It was sad news — but it also reminded me of how, to my parents, gaming always was a closed book. They never did mind me adding it to my list of hobbies, however, they hardly understand what people find fascinating about them. I, obviously, was aware of that, and yet it didn’t become gravely evident until Comanche arrived in 1992.


Unlike other developers, Novalogic had opted for a Voxel-based engine, and the result was absolutely stunning for its time. I did not completely fall in love with its flight model — it felt a bit arcade-ish — , but the technology was what kept me playing. There simply had been nothing like this before. Taking advantage of the hilly areas to hide and sneak up on your targets, or doing a daring canyon run with several with several K-50s on your six — Comanche just delivered.

Being completely enthused, I simply had to show the game to my mother. I did a brief demo while gushing over the “incredibly realistic graphics” and what breakthrough we were seeing here. I was emitting vibes of utter excitement.

My mother looked at the screen. Then she looked at me. Then back at the screen. Then back at me again.

Hmmm mmmmm.

That’s when I knew that there was no hope for her.

(Screenshot courtesy of Mobygames)

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T Plus 3 Years – Of Monkeys & Dinosaurs #1


Ah, September 15. To the day it’s been exactly three years since Paraworld shipped in Germany and a few other European markets; the UK/US version showed up ten days later. Well, what a journey that was.

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Quick! Someone Buy This Stuff!

Dippy Weasel Value

If the mighty intarweb is right — and the intarnets wouldn’t lie to me, right?! — , I could make a living just through creating some random WordPress blog and totally not putting any effort into it. If I remember that correctly though, the very website you’re looking at right now was worth more than 3,000 bucks last week. By posting new content I apparently decrease its value.

Holy shit, their value estimation algorithms do seem pretty damn accurate after all.

On a different note, I’ll try to prepare a bigger article for next week; depending on how much time I have, it may or may not get published on September 15. Work is keeping me pretty busy though, not to mention that ‘little research project’ on how one could detect and deal with an information deficit  during the course of a production, which needs to be taken care of for academic reasons.

When there’s some time left, I still keep trying out spaceship designs and have stuff explode spectacularly — see previous post. The Beatles: Rock Band did show up in my mailbox yesterday thanks to some helpful souls. It’ll be interesting to see how that one is going to work out since I never was a hardcore fan of said band.  Whenever I get to around checking it out; it wasn’t until I had opened the package, that I remembered that I had lent my Wii to a dear friend months ago. Splendid.


Mostest Quickest Notes Evar(st)

Coated Peanuts

  1. I do wonder if it’s physically, psychologically, emotionally, and biologically possible to open a bag of  coated peanuts, and, you know, just eat two or three of them.
  2. Will be heading over to my buddies at Lichtblick 4D later today, who will be showing a bunch of fascinating products. Or so I hear. (Why, yes, I hope/expect/guess/assume/pray that they’ll have free drinks and snacks.)
  3. Regarding 1.: Nope, not today.
  4. Steffen, Ian & Co. finally submitted Airborn to the Make Something Unreal Contest. There’s a bunch of new purrrrrty screenshots up at their website. Not to mention the trailer.
  5. I’m currently toying around with Gratuitous Space Battles. It’s quite enjoyable so far, and, most importantly, fulfills the one basic requirement of, well, … anything: Have stuff explode spectacularly. Seriously.

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