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Dippy Weasel v0.1001

A Dippy Weasel If you’ve been following the progress I’ve made so far – and by ‘you’, I’m probably addressing only myself here -, you may have noticed that there actually were some changes. I tried out a few designs, settled with Fusion for now, tweaked a few other elements here and there, and will soon incorporate The Weasel somewhere somehow. Hopefully.

  • Basic blog set up – Check
  • A somewhat not-so-utterly-disastrous design – Hrm… maybe
  • Interesting content – Now now, aren’t we a little demanding?
  • Common sense – Huh
  • Weaseling up the website – To do
  • Being awesome – Check


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There and Back Again

Alas it is time to celebrate almost eight weeks of ‘no updates’! Which would be rather sad if it wasn’t for this website to have zero readers at this point. Or, well, any point in the future. Duh.

The logo is still in the making, so everything is pretty much far from final right now. Of course, it won’t be closer to final even after The Weasel arrives – that’s just how it is when life keeps you busy.

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